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Heartfelt Soul-Stirring

Natives of Savannah, GA, Lynn Geddes-Wolling and Jimmy Wolling are the whole and soul of Strings of the Heart. Their music is a mesmerizing blend of two instruments that are so different but complement each other exceptionally well. Lynn’s finesse with the tabla and Jimmy’s effortless magic with the sitar create beautiful music that is soothing and uplifting to the mind, body, and soul. 

Their yearly travels to India began in Varanasi, India to study Hindustani Indian Classical Music to learn how to play sitar and tabla.  They have been developing their skills to learn how to play these ancient Ragas which evoke diverse emotional responses.  Proven and confirmed scientifically  to promote healing and well being. 

Listeners evoke expressions and feelings of  joy, sadness, melancholy, calm and heartfelt sentimental feelings of love. We are so excited to share this wonderful heartfelt soul-stirring music from the other side of the world to pierce your soul and pull at the strings of your heart.

We look forward to sharing this heartfelt, uplifting and enlightening Indian Classical Music as a practice of Sadhana (Spiritual practice). 

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From our hearts to yours,
Lynn and Jimmy

Who is Strings Of The Heart?

Heartfelt Soul-Stirring

Strings of Heart is the conception of Lynn Geddes-Wolling and Jimmy Wolling, two individuals who love creating music. Very recently, Lynn and Jimmy have progressed in two interesting instruments - the tabla and the sitar respectively, which they play together in their musical sadhana.

Lynn has a Yoga and Ayurveda profession and she enjoyed playing western drums for fun in her early years. 

Life took a turn when she discovered the power of sound healing and pursued Indian classical music seriously. Jimmy has always been passionate about music and is a professional banjo player. He has toured around with his band amongst other very well known bands in the bluegrass genre.  He has opened up for many professional and well-known bluegrass musicians over many years.  

Check out the Jimmy Wolling Band at https://www.reverbnation.com/artist/video/13802750

With Strings of the Heart, Lynn, and Jimmy together not only play Indian classical compositions (ragas) but also create their own music in different genres as well. The heartfelt soul-stirring music is soothing and uplifting to the mind, body, and spirit.