Strings of the Heart

Heartfelt Soul-Stirring

Strings of the Heart features Lynn and Jimmy Wolling, who have come together with their creative inclinations and diverse experiences to create  heartfelt soul-stirring music. Their annual travels to India to learn two interesting classical music instruments - the tabla and the sitar led to the genesis of the Strings of Heart. Lynn and Jimmy play Indian classical compositions and musical compositions created by them as well. 


Live Indian Classical Music, Sitar and Tabla Concert
Strings of the Heart presents a live musical experience featuring Jimmy and Lynn. Their sounds of music are a mesmerizing blend of two instruments that are so different but complement each other exceptionally well. Lynn’s expertise with the tabla (percussion) and Jimmy’s effortless magic with the sitar (strings) create beautiful music that is soothing to the mind, body, and soul. 

The duo skillfully performs a selection of soothing arrangements, particularly in the Indian classical composition genre, also known as ragas. Strings of the Heart even create their own pieces in different genres, providing heartfelt music to uplift every mind, body, and heart. They will take you on a journey of evoking emotions and healing with a sitar and tabla. The various notes of these instruments stir different emotions and activate the chakras (energy centers) in your body. 

Above and beyond these, music is a phenomenon that brings people together. It is shown that people who listen to specific music can also learn to empathize more with others and identify how they are feeling. The Strings of Heart experience can bring you closer to yourself but also to the people around you in a way like never before. 


Yoga & Sitar Live

 Flow & Restore Yoga Infused with Live Sitar

Integrated with the sounds of sitar, multi-sensory yoga will nurture our mind, body, and soul. The musical journey infused with the flow of yoga will enable us to rejuvenate, relax, and rediscover peace.

We begin setting the atmosphere via soothing sounds of melodic improvisations infused with restoratives. As the journey begins, we delve deeper by plucking the seven vibrating strings to produce a unique sound. The thirteen sympathetic strings resonate with this, and together a harmonious piece is realized, tugging at your heart's strings.  

As the tempo increases, we move into a gentle flow and integrate slower-paced movements. Our focus must be on the physical body's alignment, balance, strength, and flexibility. We redirect our mind’s focus on spatial orientation, stimulating the hippocampus, the brain's map reader. To accomplish a good spatial orientation, you must offer visual, auditory, and vestibular sensory inputs to balance mind, body, and spirit. The music will help you achieve this.  

Science has proven that the sounds of Sitar empower your being and promote healing. The numerous notes evoke diverse emotions relaxing our mind, body, and soul. The unique sounds and yoga practices comprise elements of nature, pranayama, meditation, and various postures, that stir our souls and allow us to regain peace and balance.


Where we GIg

Strings of Heart is an experience created for different environments and settings. It is ideal for:  

  • Music Festivals  
  • Yoga and Music Venues  
  • Listening Rooms  
  • Weddings  
  • Private & Public Venues  
  • Art Gallery Openings  
  • Artisan Markets  
  • Retreats  

Reach out to us to see, hear, and feel in a new dimension.

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